What We Do

Production/Crop Development

Hemp, camelina, soybeans, faba beans--we have 40 years experience with specialty crops. We collaborate with other companies to perform trials on new crop varieties and get them into new markets.


We have a complete cleaning and color-sorting line. We invite inquiries about short- and long-term processing projects.


We develop marketing and communication content for websites, fliers, and labels, focusing on the agriculture sector.  Our services also include Japanese and Mandarin (simplified and traditional characters) content development and translation.

Product Highlights



Hemp seeds are up to 36% protein and contain all the known amino acids. Hemp seeds are a common ingredient in vegan protein powder.

Non-GMO Soybeans


Thousands of buyers in high-value markets in Europe and Asia buy millions of tons of non-GMO soy each year.

Non-GMO Soymeal


Non-GMO soymeal accounts for almost 25 percent of the European market for soymeal.

Camelina Meal


Scientists have proven that camelina meal raises Omega-3 content in eggs without affecting taste or production.

Camelina Seed


Camelina seed is high in Omega 3s, and contains about %40 oil. Camelina can be planted late. It weathers wet harvests well.

Faba Beans


 Low-tannin  faba beens are used in sauces, canned food and falafel. Faba beans also make an excellent animal feed that can be processed on-farm.