About Us



BioPure Oil is a cooperative venture between a seed grower/exporter and a traditional mixed grain-livestock farm operation on the Canadian prairies. As a result, our company can draw on decades of research, production, marketing, and exporting experience. 

BioPure is located in Fort Qu'Appelle, the southern part of Canada’s Province of Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan is at the center of Canada’s vibrant agricultural economy, and home to more than 40 per cent of Canada's 25 million hectares of farmland. Saskatchewan is also recognized as one of Canada’s centers of biotechnology/agriculture innovation.

BioPure Oil Corp is 45 minutes from an international airport and located near the Canadian Pacific Railway’s main trunk line.

Hugh Campbell

Hugh has forty years' in the specialty crop industry in Saskatchewan. He has been instrumental in the development of the pea, chickpea, camelina, hemp, faba bean, and camelina industries in Saskatchewan.

Paul Sinclair

Paul grew up on a dairy farm and now runs a mixed farm with his father. He spent nearly 20 years in Asia. He speaks both Mandarin and Japanese.